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From the moment that you list your property with Diversified Marketing, Inc.,our staff is busy working on a comprehensive marketing package to ensure a successful auction. We will advertise and auction your property by using a multimedia ad program tailored to your property's unique features and geographic area.This brings the maximum number of buyers together at one time to bid on the property, and it creates a sense of excitement which can only mean fair market value to you.



As the following page indicates, Diversified Marketing, Inc., one of America's leading auction marketing companies, has assembled a team of nationally respected professionals to assist in putting together auctions. The following information provides background about Diversified Marketing, Inc.


Diversified Marketing, Inc. is a Bridgeport, West Virginia based privately owned Sub. Chapter "S" Corporation. The company is 100% owned by Carlyle Millard who serves as its President and Chief Executive Officer. The company, which was founded in 1978, and later incorporated as Diversified Marketing Inc. DBA Millard Auction Company.

Carlyle Millard, President and Founder of the company, is perhaps the most visible and well known member of the auction profession in the region. He has appeared on television a number of times. Additionally, it was Mr. Millard who recognized the need and personally lobbied the legislature for professionalization of the Auction industry. (For more background of Mr. Millard, please see his resume)

The company, donates services and participates in charity auctions each year. It has been awarded certificates or plaques of appreciation by various nonprofit organizations. In addition the company sponsors a minor league baseball team.

Since its inception, the company has captured a greater percentage share of the auction industry. The company's hard-earned success has been a result of two rather extraordinary synergies.The first of the synergies is the unique blend of talented and dedicated staff members Mr. Millard has recruited for the company. As the key personnel and non-key personnel resumes will indicate, the backgrounds of the individuals working for the company are diverse. The company abounds with enthusiasm, creativity and positive results as the team members interact and respond to the market place's need for quality auction services. The second synergy is the team's interaction with the company's philosophy of doing business.

Mission Statement for Diversified Marketing, Inc.

To lead the auction marketing industry into the 21st Century with innovation, sales and knowledge, to create the largest and most profitable auction marketing company in the world, providing new technologies in a cost efficient financially sound manner.

This mission statement is supported by the company's four cornerstones which are:

The mission statement and the cornerstones are the "religious" precepts that make the Diversified Marketing, Inc. "family" strong in its faith that it can provide the world with superior auction services and that it can, without fear, take on an auction project that others may only dream about. Where others ask "Why?", Diversified Marketing, Inc. asks"WHY NOT?"

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An auction is a time honored tradition in American society. For the finest auction service in the area, call Diversified Marketing, Inc. located in Bridgeport, WV at 413 High Street Suite 300 , phone number (304) 842-2946 or 1-800-842-2947. When you employ this firm, you are working with professionals from start to finish. They specialize in real estate, art, antiques and estate auctions. Every transaction is handled in a friendly, efficient manner. Throughout the years, after successfully completing many auctions, Diversified Marketing, Inc. has earned an unbeatable reputation throughout the area. They provide an up to date service and are well versed in all modern auction techniques. Both buyer and seller are well represented and because of this the best possible price is received for the seller in addition to the buyer receiving a valuable item. For an auction service handled in a professional, practical, efficient and economical manner, contact Diversified Marketing, Inc. where you will be assured of a job completed with the utmost competence and integrity.

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